Concert Review: Maggie Rogers, April 4, Mod Club

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Headed to the Mod Club on Tuesday, I had little idea who Maggie Rogers was. Apparently, I was among the few as the Mod Club was ram packed in anticipation of Maggie Rogers. A singer songwriter from Maryland, Maggie apparently got really famous because of Pharell.

Not quite sure what really happened but there was some sort of class where Pharell really liked her song and somehow people found this out and bam, sold out show.

Maggie Rogers might be new to the show but she has a strong stage game. Over her 40 minute set, she proved that she was a master swayer. What is that? I mean, she has mastered the girl swaying to her own music and really feeling her songs on stage move. She shakes her head and her long hair sways from side to side, she has good stage coverage, moving to all parts of the stage and then she’ll just do this liberating white girl dance that you see girls do when they are at a Florence and the Machine show or something. As a result, when someone sways like that to her own music, it gets everyone else involved. Combine that with her quite good voice and the whole experience comes off as a solid one.

Maggie has got a solid soulful voice, and it’s a comforting voice, kind of like hot coffee in the morning. Her vocals are laid over a kind of electronic beat, but not like the Calvin Harris I’m at a beach side club type. More like I’m at a hipster coffee shop and I’m scared to order the wrong type of drink for I will be judged type. It’s chill, but it sounds kinda hip. Some of her tracks were catchy, but for me, none really stood out as anything but slightly above average. However, there’s loads of promise.

I especially appreciated her cover of The Sunday’s “Here’s Where The Story Ends,” even though I might have been the only person who knew that song at the Mod Club

Anyways, people were really digging it. I would say go check her out but it’s probably sold out.

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