SXSW Review: Sundara Kharma, March 18, Latitude 30


Latitude 30 at SXSW always uncovers a few gems and this year was no exception.

With a name like Sundara Kharma, I thought maybe the band would be a Kula Shaker tribute band for some reason, but as per usual, I was completely wrong.

Sundara Kharma are a four piece rock band from Reading and from what I heard, they have a knack for writing big anthemic rock songs that may or may not take them to the next levels, depending on how the dominoes fall. The band certainly has the look of a soon to be big band, with lead singer Oscar “Lulu” Pollock dressing up in a flamboyant white suit and donning enough eyeliner to make Nicky Wire jealous.

With their ridiculously catchy chorus, tracks like “She Said” and “Flame” would have fit right in in the mid 90’s and I was surprised to see people at Latitude 30 singing along. I’m like, who are these people, and why are they so up to date on music? Don’t they have day jobs?

I came away super impressed and it wouldn’t surprise me if these guys became big. Check them out if they roll into town.

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