SXSW Review: Morgxn, March 18, Toms

My name is Morgxn with a X, because that is now my essense.

This is how Morgxn introduced himself at the Tom’s showcase on Saturday afternoon. Normally that is something you can mock rather easily or make some sort of Zoolander joke, but after seeing the sincere show that Morgxn put on, I’m more tempted to give him the benefit of the doubt. A singer from Nashville, Morgxn engages in electro pop that mostly seems to have a positive message. He was joined by a guy on the keyboards and a drummer and most of his songs have that millennial indie dance rock feel to it. You know the type, with the big buildup and a lot of Ooooooooooooooooohs. It’s somewhat samey, but it still sounds good. Probably science.

With dyed blue hair, Morgxn did the hustle and got the otherwise neutral crowd (most were probably there for the free booze) fully engaged with his music. The energy the man exerted to get everyone involved was rather amazing. You don’t know his lyrics? No problem, he’ll teach you. You don’t want to sing? Hard to do when the man is 15 feet away from you and literally rallying groups of people to sing different parts of an unknown song. Through it all, Morgxn seemed genuinely excited to play the show and through his excitement, the crowd ended up excited as well.

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