SXSW Review: Kid Wave, March 18, Kebabalicious


One of the cool things about SXSW is that pretty much anywhere and everywhere in Austin becomes a venue during the week – parking lots, retail spaces, hotels, whatever. So when I noticed a show was happening at a kebab shop, I headed over there to check out London’s Kid Wave.

Frontwoman Lea Emmery commented on how chilled out the environment was on the restaurant’s backyard patio: “I love it, I feel like a more chilled out version of myself.” Accordingly, the band played a pretty chilled out, though still fairly rocking set of shimmering, poppy indie rock.

In many ways, a good band is a lot like a delicious kebab. First you need a nicely seasoned meat as your base – that’s the song itself. Then of course come the toppings, all the extra flourishes put on top of the “meat” that give the songs flavour. Then finally, the sauces, which I guess give more flavour to the songs. And then the pita that holds it all together. I suppose that would be the band. This metaphor may not be holding together too well (much like some kebabs) but you see where I’m going with this. Ultimately, much like a good kebab, Kid Wave made for a nice, satisfying mid-afternoon musical snack.

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