SXSW Review: Jain, March 15, Coppertank

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One of the most notable international acts playing SXSW, French singer Jain wasted little time getting the liquored up crowd at the Youtube Coppertank dancing and jumping up and down on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. Taking the stage solo, Jain layered and looped her music to produce a set of vibrant, fun, and danceable tunes.

Sensing that crowd participation would be a good idea, Jain spent a good chunk of the set getting the crowd involved in her blend of electronic and tropical pop. The crowd was willing – maybe it was the French accent, maybe it was the charming personality, I don’t know. The best part of the set was during her hit song “Come,” in which she had the crowd sing the chorus into the microphone before looping their voices into the backing supporting tracks. It was a great use of that technology and everyone was having a ball.

Jain is playing a few more shows at SXSW, I suggest you check her out.

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