Concert Review: Cherry Glazerr, January 24, Velvet Underground

If one were to be so bold as to read the comments under any of the videos for songs off of Cherry Glazerr’s latest album Apocalipstick, they might notice a few fans complaining about missing the “old sound” of the original lineup of the band. It’s a common complaint, and one I’ve likely been guilty of with many acts I’ve followed for awhile, but after seeing the current configuration of Cherry Glazerr live at the Velvet Underground, I can attest that they come across as pretty damn fierce in concert.

The whole band put on an impressive show, but singer Clementine Creevy definitely stood out as the focal point, howling her way through some keyboard drenched indie/punk jams. Creevy’s stage banter also stood out as a highlight of their set, especially her thoughts on trying poutine for the first time (she wasn’t entirely sold on it). She also made it clear how grateful the band is to be able to do what they do. “This is what we do for a living which is stupid and awesome. We shouldn’t be allowed to do this.” She went on to mention several times throughout the night how much fun they were having. Not that she needed to – it was pretty self-evident.

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