TURF Review: The Mekons, September 18, Fort York


“We’ve worked out there’s at least 17 people here so you’ve exceeded our expectations,” joked Mekons singer/guitarist Jon Langford as they took to the stage. While the majority of festival goers were taking in Death Cab For Cutie on the main stage, The Mekons played an impressive set, although Langford seemed equally impressed with TURF. “What a festival! You stay at the promoter’s house and he serves you drinks onstage. I’m glad the Americans didn’t invade you in 1812.” Yes, Jeff Cohen, one of the brains behind TURF, was just hanging out and handing drinks to the band throughout the set. Langford was enjoying himself enough that he joked that they should take Cohen on the road with them to continue offering up this “invaluable service” for the duration of their tour.

The band were later joined onstage by Dallas Good of The Sadies, who also played the festival on Saturday afternoon. Midway through, singer Sally Timms announced that Tim (actually it was Jon) had broken a string. “That’s a euphemism. We need a defibrillator. Is anybody a doctor? Not an internet doctor ..” She then asked if there were any Sadies out there who could come onstage and help them out. Dallas came through, taking to the stage and then joining the band on guitar for the duration. This was obviously a good idea – the Mekons are certainly no slouches themselves, but when you’ve got a member of one of the best live bands around onstage, you might as well keep him there.

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