SXSW Review: Santigold, Stubbs, March 18

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I love Santigold’s shows. I have seen her multiple times and few artists of her nature put so much creativity and thought into her live shows. The aesthetics and dancers are unique and Santigold is just a person whose cheery disposition shines through. Of course, personality doesn’t put dinner on the table, which is why I am glad she also has made a few very good albums, including her newest one 99 Cents.

Playing a mixture of new and old, Santigold once again put on an excellent show. Her new material is lighter than her previous music, and some would say a bit more fun. Tracks like Banshee and Can’t Get Enough Of Myself feel right at home among the classics. The only issue was that there were frequent disruptions in her show because of issues with the sound crew. The persistent back and forth between the band and the Stubbs crew really worked against creating a continuous vibe and dampened the spirits a bit. I was worried she would cut her set short like Crystal Castles did, but luckily for us, she is not an asshole and so powered through it for her fans.

It’s been a decade into Santigold’s career and I still don’t know what genre you can put her in, I guess that’s a compliment because her music is good for everyone.

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