SXSW Review: Charli XCX, March 18, Stubbs

Charli XCX

The last time I saw Charli XCX, she was a pint size girl trying to break America by going by her own rules. I don’t recall if she had penned the starmaking “I Love It” track for Icona Pop yet but she was definitely unknown. I remember watching that show and thinking she was a brave performer and definitely had her own thing going.

Fast forward a few years and Charli XCX has grown dramatically both in fame and as a performer. In the years since her initial appearance, Charlie XCX has released several albums, a massive hit and participated in many collaborations so it’s no surprised that she was one of the headliners for Stubbs. Her new album sees her collaborate with Sophie, who is someone I guess.

Taking the stage in what can only be described as a Chun Li meets NC-17 outfit, Charli XCX commanded the crowd’s presence from the get go. Filling the giant stage with what can only be described as pop star dance moves, Charli XCX had the crowd dancing and jumping. Her new material was quite hip hop heavy and I marvelled at how Charli XCX was able to pull it off with such ease. If you were to just listen to the music without knowing the artist, I bet people would be shocked to find out it comes from a white girl from England. Still, a pop star, no matter how hard they try, cannot deny their pop star past (if they are trying to break away from it) and Charli XCX delivered her hits to a delighted crowd. I was really glad she didn’t use any vocal assistance with the track “Boom Clap,” arguably her biggest hit. For most of the set, you couldn’t quite tell which parts were from her, and which part was pre-recorded, but when it came down to lay it down, she abandoned the pre-recorded material, which was great.

The only mis-step in the show was her introduction of a special guest. She brought out QT, who frankly, nobody knew and QT sang her one song that was apparently a hit somewhere, but to me it sounded like a really annoying anime song with chipmunk like vocals that would probably be a mountain dew commercial in Japan.

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