SXSW Preview: Chairlift

Somehow, someway, Chairlift has risen from the ashes of mediocre indie pop bands to a band I really like in the past few years. The elevation was unexpected but not unwelcomed. It’s kind of like goat curry, I never thought much about goat curry but then a few years ago I moved close to a restaurant named Jerk King and that place happens to serve goat curry, and also it was open really late. So one night, I don’t know why, but I will place it on the mystery known as fate, I walked into the place and decided to have a go at the goat. Why not right? I liked it, but didn’t think about it too much at the time.

Slowly and surely, as time progressed, I found myself visiting this Jerk King more and more. With increasing frequency, I found a certain gravitational pull to the Goat curry. One day it dawned on me and I came to the stunning realization that I do, in fact, like goat curry.

This is kind of like Chairlift. We all know them from the track Bruises, which was on ipod commercials. Then they released a few more albums and had some songs such as I Belong to You and Amanaemonesia. Those songs were good, but over time, I found that I did listen to them more then I expected. It didn’t hurt that they were accompanied by some of the most creative videos out there. I wonder if Chairlift likes goat curry, part of me thinks that Caroline Polachek is vegetarian. But then I can also see her eating sushi. Does she eat sushi? will we ever know.

Anyways, they put out a new album this year called Moth and it is fantastic. It might be their most commercial album yet and the track Moth to the Flame is sure to be very popular once they release it as a single. I love the first notes of the song, it makes you think like it’s a Color Me Badd track before ascending into danceable territory.

They are playing at SXSW so you should get some goat curry and check them out.

Here is the song Moth to the Flame. Dance to it you little bitch.

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