SXSW Song Of The Day: Sunflower Bean – Easier Said

OK, I’ll admit it – when it comes to snow, I’m kind of a wimp. Sure, I’d like to think I’m a hardy individual who can withstand a little snowstorm and like everyone, I laughed at Mel Lastman when he called in the army to help shovel the streets in Toronto back in the day. But heading out to see a show on a snowy Tuesday night? To borrow a phrase from New Yorkers Sunflower Bean, easier said than done*. So yeah, I skipped out on the band’s show at Smiling Buddha last night. Sometimes laziness wins out.

If, like me, you’re afraid of snow and you happen to be in Texas in a couple of weeks where it will almost certainly be much, much warmer (though I admit it’s hard to accurately predict weather these days – I’m no meteorologist), maybe check out Sunflower Bean. They’ll be playing a whole bunch of shows during SXSW, including the Thursday night show at Stubb’s, where technically speaking, Loretta Lynn will be opening for them. I know I’d add that to my bio if I were them. Have a listen to “Easier Said” off of the band’s recently released Human Ceremony.

* I recognize that they are not actually the originators of that phrase, but work with me here.

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