Concert Review: Girlpool, October 8, Smiling Buddha


Shortly after taking the stage to a fairly packed house at the Smiling Buddha, Girlpool singer/guitarist Cleo Tucker announced, “I feel like a smiling Buddha … this feels really special.” Sure, the name checking of the venue was a little corny, but her words came across as absolutely sincere. That sincerity was also seen in Tucker’s musical partner Harmony Tividad giving a shout out to openers Told Slant and Eskimeaux, noting how lucky she felt to be able to see each act every night. “Being around people who make things and care about things is so beautiful.”

Yes, Tucker and Tividad seem like pretty positive people (they even gave a glowing recommendation to “that vegetarian place next door”) and that positivity seems to carry over into their music. Not only do they seem to be enjoying themselves up there, but the duo’s sweet harmonies and simple arrangements tend to evoke nostalgia and warm and fuzzy feelings. Watching them play together, you get a real sense of kinship between the pair, their voices often blending together as one.

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