SXSW Review: Girlpool, March 19, Red 7 Patio

Simplicity is the key to Girlpool’s music. When you listen to Girlpool, you feel like you are partaking in a chilled talk between two friends.

Lay out those conversational pieces over stripped down Burger-Record/Los Angeles style guitar and bass combos and you have Girlpool. I loved the pacing of Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad’s duelling vocals and their music reminded me of some of the things I listened to in university.

Just like their music, simplicity was the main element to their show. They showed up, set up their equipment quickly and just played. At SXSW when you have a very strict time slot, the crowd appreciates it when you just get up there and do your thing. Girlpool did that and charmed the hell out of everyone. Their songs have great harmony, they seem like the nicest people but also, they seem like they’d kick your ass at a moments notice. A great combination.

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