SXSW Review: Screaming Females, Earl Sweatshirt, March 20, Stubb’s

If I had to boil it all down and describe Screaming Females with a single word, “ferocious” would probably be the best descriptor. The New jersey band plays with such energy and intensity that it’s hard not to get swept up in it all and want to start a band right then and there. Even the construction workers on a nearby rooftop had to stop what they were doing and check them out for a bit. Singer Marissa Paternoster is an impressive frontwoman who absolutely gives it her all. Oh, and she also totally shreds on the guitar. Ferocious.

Following Screaming Females was LA rapper Earl Sweatshirt, who matched the intensity of Screaming Females in his own way. After being informed that he had eight minutes left in his set, Earl addressed the crowd gathered to see him at Stubb’s: “I’m gonna need y’all to guarantee that the next eight minutes are gonna be turnt as fuck!” The crowd, of course, did their best to comply.

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