SXSW Review: Chastity Belt, Hinds, March 18, Cheer Up Charlie’s

chastity belt

She Shreds magazine, founded by Fabi Reyna, is a publication “…dedicated to educating, inspiring, and encouraging future and current musicians by highlighting female guitarists and bassists from all over the world.” I’ve got to say, this is an idea I can get behind, and the magazine was responsible for putting together a pretty great lineup that certainly lived up to their mission statement.

I arrived at the venue just as Seattle’s Chastity Belt were about to take the stage. I’d heard good things about them and they easily met my expectations with some jangly, punky tunes that stick in your head. One of the highlights of their set was “Time To Go Home,” a song that almost could have been written about some of the folks who will undoubtedly be seen stumbling down Sixth Street by the end of SouthBy. It’s a tale of fun times gone too far until having a good time turns into “I can’t see straight” and then it’s time to go home.

Following Chastity Belt was Hinds. While the Spanish band may have thought they were playing outdoors upon arriving at the venue, they conceded that the inside stage was also pretty cool. They probably even benefited from the smaller space as the packed in audience made for a more communal party vibe. Based on the reaction of both the band and the crowd, it’s safe to say that everyone walked away from this one satisfied.

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