Song Of The Day: Architecture In Helsinki – Escapee

Back in the summer of 2014 (oh those glorious sunny days!) the WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) press group put their heads together and ruminated on the quandary, “how do we take DC’s crap public transit system, which is constantly late, constantly under maintenance, and $7.50 a ride without any sort of monthly pass for daily users, and make it look super fun to ride?” It was then that Timmy the competent intern stood slowly, surveyed the group, and said, “I’ve got it.” As you can see, the result was a group of beautiful, multi-ethnic, multi-sized, multi-aged Washingtonians dancing to the silver line. Genius Timmy:

Anyways, besides the fact that WMATA has the world’s best press team but the world’s crappiest actual service, turns out it was Architecture in Helsinki’s “Escapee” that was playing behind the ad. Which seems appropriate since all anyone ever wants to do is escape from the clutches of WMATA.

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  1. Halley

    Panic Manual: best review ever. WMATA: WORST ride… ever.

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