Concert Review: The Dark Plains, December 6, Soybomb


The Dark Plains is an Ottawa based band featuring former members of Okara and Shotmaker, two noteworthy acts in the 90s post-hardcore scene. To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with Okara but I do remember Shotmaker fondly. While I never saw them back in the day, I’ve heard good things and I definitely did see Dark Plains singer/bassist Matt Deline a few times with The Grey, who always put on a great show.

With Deline joined by Okara drummer Andy Cant and guitarist Chuck Saso (who was also in The Grey with Deline), The Dark Plains seem to be more or less picking up where they left off with their older bands, playing with the same passion and fury as ever, or at least as much as possible for someone who’s been playing, as Deline said, “for close to a quarter century.”

Let’s face it – punk rock (in all it’s myriad forms and sub-genres) is largely a young person’s game, but there’s also something to be said for experience. With their years of experience in various past bands, these guys have been at it awhile and they¬†still bring it.

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