Concert Review: Sir Sly, Wolf Gang, September 19, SubT

sir sly

I read an article once about how bands are in a bind these days because all the good band names have been taken. If you think about the incredible amount of bands that exist out there it’s not too hard to believe. Every once in a while though, you come upon a gem – Japandroids, Propaghandi, We Were Promised Jetpacks – all great names – and I’m adding Sir Sly to the list. Short, sweet and sibilant? Count me in.

Sir Sly co-headlined SubT (one of Chicago’s grungier venues) with Wolf Gang Friday night. The LA based group played a solid set to the packed crowd, ending with their single “Gold” off their debut album You Haunt Me, during which lead singer Landon Jacobs handed his mic to a girl standing on the balcony, and hauled himself up onto the edge of the balcony, singing his heart out right in front of her. Standing in line for the bathroom in between sets, the lucky gal gave me a blow by blow of the situation:

Her: “And then he handed me his mic!”

Me: “No way! That’s awesome!”

Her: “I know! So I took a selfie! I mean when the lead singer hands you his microphone and climbs up beside you, you have to take a selfie right?! There’s no more appropriate time!”

Truer words never spoken. I’m not even being remotely sarcastic when I say she’s absolutely correct – there is no more appropriate time to take a selfie.

Wolf Gang took the stage next to the crowd’s obvious delight. The British fivesome played mainly from their debut album Suego Faults (“Lions in Cages” and “Stay and Defend”) and their Black River EP (“Black River”), but I think my favorites were actually a couple of choice tracks from their upcoming album (“Alveron” and “Lay your Love Down”). The band was good natured to a fault, staying around for a good long while after the concert, chatting and taking photos with fans. I have never been a fan of SubT – it’s not on the red line, it’s dirty, and it has a weird wooden sculpture of two people who look like they’re either swing dancing or having a seizure – but I have to give them kudos for booking that duo. A good idea if I ever saw one.

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