Concert Review: Arcade Fire, August 29, Molson Amphitheatre


Arcade Fire are simply put, awesome live. They have always been awesome live and we should only be so lucky that their ascendant rise to the top of the world has not resulted in diminishing returns form their live shows. In fact, you can argue that Arcade Fire are better live now then they were when we all started falling in love with them over a decade ago.

For one thing, Arcade Fire understand that a live show is an experience. Especially now days, when you are putting in some good coin to see them. To their credit, they do their best to make each show unique. Their request to have people dress up might seem ridiculous, until you go into the pit and you see people all dressed up and ready to dance. Then you think, damn it’s a cool party now. Some of the tricks they employ now might venture into Flaming Lips territory but it all just seems to be a part of a celebratory party that pretty much has this “look at us all, can you believe us indie kids are all here now?” vibe. It’s great.

It goes without saying that the Arcade Fire show last Friday at the Molson Amphitheatre was one long dancefest that fully displayed just how great the Arcade Fire’s discography is. Playing tracks from all four of their albums, the Montreal band never seemed to stop delivering the hits. To their credit, the subtle changes they have made to their sound with each album kept the show fresh. From the party vibe of Here Comes the Night Time and Reflektor to the world conquering Suburbs II to the gut punch tracks of Funeral, the band and the crowd gleefully threw their arms in the air, shuffled their feet and just had an all around great time. Win Butler has become a full engaged and charismatic front man who is now more then ever, willing to engage the crowd in a rock star manner and Regime always seems to be the happiest person on either side of the stage. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

An all conquering Wake Up ended off the set. It’s one of the heavyweights of set closers out there and a perfect way to end off the night.

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