Song Of The Day: Chic Gamine – Search Light

If our education ministers suddenly announced that we need to infuse toddlers with Canadian values like their British counterparts just did a few days ago , I would certainly expect Vinyl Cafe to be on the shortlist. In the midst of talk about wheat in Brendan MB, Vinyl Cafe host Stuart McLean ushered Chic Gamine onto the stage with their 60s girl band charm. And now the mental imagery of moon-lit wheat fields with blues-bellowing silhouettes of scarecrows won’t clear out of my mind.

The Winnipeg group is rumored to have a new album this fall. And if this new track called Searchlight¬†is any indication, they’ve taken a new direction. Take a listen and see for yourself. I’m just looking forward to putting some new tunes into those scarecrows!

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