What ever happened to the soundtrack single?


Seriously, what happened to the soundtrack singles that were so popular in the 90s? During that decade every movie had a single. It was basically a three-five minute commercial for the movie. Somehow, I feel like that has disappeared. I wonder if it’s because Muchmusic/MTV stopped playing music videos in the past ten years? I always thought they were good commercials for movie.

Let’s take a look at some, because I am feeling nostalgic

Young Guns 2: Bon Jovi – Blaze of Glory
Was there a more perfect song for this movie starring the John Hughes pack? Still a karaoke classic today. Hell, all Bon Jovi songs are karaoke classics. I miss music videos with glorious sweeping helicopter canyon shots. I think I have only seen parts of this movie on TBS.

Robin Hood: Bryan Adams – Everything I do (I Do it for you)
This song launched Bryan Adams into an international mega star. It was also unavoidable for any junior high dance you attended. Kevin Costner’s on again/off again English accent was amazing.

You know what’s hilarious, after this movie, Bryan Adams probably figured that this was a good ticket to the bank, so he did two more soundtrack movies. One for Don Juan Demarco, and then this super triple nWo team up with Sting and Rod Stewart.

I love how that video somehow makes it seem like its some spontaneous jam session. Is it me or does Rod Stewart look high as kite in this video? There’s this moment where I bet Bryan and Sting are looking at each other and thinking “what the fuck is he doing?/where is Rachel Hunter?”


I think I actually enjoyed the Three Musketeers movie as a child.

With Honors: Madonna – Rain
Obviously Madonna had at least one of these (we shall all ignore Beautiful Strangers from Austin Powers) in the early 90’s as well.

I actually really liked this song back in the day. I still remember Lori Petty making a big deal about Madonna copying her hair style for this video. How do I even know this? The movie itself was pretty bad. I think this was the one movie where Brendan Fraser was trying to prove that he could act. He would eventually figure out that he couldn’t and decided to make big bucks fighting mummies instead. Good on him for realizing his own potential as a movie star.

Sliver: Ub40 – Can’t Help Falling in Love

Classic song, terrible movie. Probably introduced a whole generation to Elvis via cover song.

Anyways, you get my drift. Seriously, what happened to soundtrack music? Why isn’t it popular anymore?

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  1. markosaar

    Haha, never thought about it before. It’s like Requiem for a Dream hit and no one ever cared about any other soundtrack music.

    Any because I’m a dork, my favourite soundtrack single is Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Saturday night (from So I Married an Axe Murderer). Remixes of Rush by Big Audio Dynamite II and Long Day in the Universe by The Darling Buds are the extra tracks.

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