NXNE Roundtable: Describe a movie scene that would fit your music


Music and movies go together like peanut butter and chocolate or the NSA and wiretaps. From the classic Hollywood musicals of yore to Kiss Meets The Phantom of The Park, music has always played an important role in how films tell their stories. A properly placed song can really help to set the mood in any given film. With that in mind, we asked some NXNE performers to describe a scene in a film that could be appropriate for their music. Here’s what they had to say:

The Roseville Band (June 14, Sidedoor @ 11 PM, Rancho Relaxo @ 2 AM, June 15 ,Dakota Tavern @10 PM): A song from our new album called ‘Take It’ syncs really well with the opening scene from Donnie Darko.

Comment: Finally, suburban stoners have something new to keep them busy. That whole Pink Floyd/Wizard Of Oz thing was getting old.

AstroCoven (June 13, Detour Bar @ 12 AM): “Our songs often have very creative and imaginative themes that would translate well to a visually artistic medium like film. Our song “Astronaut Dead” paints an image of isolation and desperation. When you listen to it, the sounds seem to be resonating and traversing through the dark emptiness of space.”

Comment: So basically, it’s a Terrence Malick flick.  I’d probably watch that.  Also, while we’re on the subject of films, their name reminds me of American Movie, specifically the way that Mark Borchardt pronounced “coven.”

Dusty Sunshine(June 15, Dakota Tavern @ 9 PM, Tranzac – Southern Cross @ 1 AM); We’ve always thought our music would lend itself well to a Coen Brothers film. Think O Brother Where Art Thou or True Grit or No Country for Old Men. Or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, when he’s riding the bike with his special lady friend. Our song Break Your Bones would be cute as hell for that scene. We have a few songs with some instrumental breakdowns (utilizing banjo, mandolin, autoharp, guitar, ambient vocals or stomp-clap call and responses) that would work really well for certain scenes. Specifically, our song Babygirl has a change toward the end that is all instrumentation with some ooh’s. It’s very climactic and I can see it being used for a dramatic scene where someone is running through the woods or some crazy shit is going down and it’s chaotic and stressful. That sounded lame as hell. This is why I’m a musician and not a screenwriter, dammit!

Comment: Dusty Sunshine just indirectly compared one of their songs to “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.”  Take that in for a moment. 

The Penske File (June 13, Rivoli @ 2:30 AM ,June 16, Rancho Relaxo @ 8 PM): It truly depends on the song. But mainly scenes where characters get up and leave town/or their homes/ or whatever it may be with excited minds and hopeful hearts.

Comment: The best part of The Penske File’s day is for about ten seconds from when they pull up to the curb to when they get to your door. Because they think maybe they’ll get up there and  knock on the door and you won’t be there.

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