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What a dreary day. It’s almost mid-April, the temperature is still in the single digits and the sky is forty nine shades of grey. It is definitely not the spring we wanted (maybe the one we deserved?)

Like it or not, the weather is dragging everybody down, which coincidentally, makes it a perfect time to listen to Depeche Mode‘s new album, Delta Machine. Their first album in four years, the Essex band returns with a down tempo record that is the perfect cocktail for those dreary days. I am actually amazed by Depeche Mode’s consistency. They have released an album every four years since the 90’s. Check this out.

Songs of Faith and Devotion (1993)
Ultra (1997)
Exciter (2001)
Playing the Angel (2005)
Sounds of the Universe (2009)
Delta Machine (2013)

It’s like the World Cup or Olympics or something. YOU KNOW WHAT? Check this out

1993 – Songs of Faith and Devotion
1994 – World Cup, USA (The one where Baggio messed up the last shot)
1996 – Summer Olympics (Atlanta)
1997 – Ultra
1998 – World Cup, France
1998 – Winter Olympics (Nagano)
2000 – Summer Olympics (Sydney)
2001 – Exciter
2002 – World Cup, Asia
2002 – Winter Olympics (Salt Lake)
2004 – Summer Olympics (Greece)
2005 – Playing the Angel
2006 – World Cup (Germany)
2006 – Winter Olympics (Turin)
2008 – Summer Olympics (Beijing)
2009 – Sounds of the Universe
2010 – World Cup (South Africa)
2010 – Winter Olympics (Vancouver)
2012 – Summer Olympics (London)
2013 – Delta Machine

That is freaky coincidence in my mind. What kind of illuminati shit is this? Is Dave Gahan a super sports fan and will never tour on years of major global sporting events? I don’t know. What if we played Exciter backwards? Will it give out predetermined results for the 2002 World Cup or something? Someone needs to check this out.

Anyways, Delta Machine was released on March 22nd, 2013 and much like their release schedule, it is a consistent effort. Those expecting the ‘do do do do dooo doo’ of Can’t Get Enough might be disappointed, but really, they haven’t written that type of music for two decades now and to me, Delta Machine seems like a mix between their really early material and stuff off Playing the Angel.

Luckily for you, you can make that judgement call yourself, as we have a contest! Courtesy of With A Bullet promotions, we are giving away multiple things – a vinyl of Delta Machine, a cd of Delta Machine and for all the DJ’s at the goth clubs, a vinyl of Heaven, the lead single off Delta Machine.

To win, all you have to do is one of these things

1) Retweet this post and follow us on the twitter
2) Comment on this post in facebook and like us (https://www.facebook.com/panicmanual)
3) Email panic at panicmanual.com with the subject “I want in the Delta Machine!”, leave your mailing address in the body.

Only winners will be notified.

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