Cover of the Day: Nick Cave – Disco 2000 (Pulp, duh)

NIck Cave by Cat Stevens

Photo: Cat Stevens

Sometimes things collide and it’s great. Sometimes, like when a skier and a tree collide, it’s horrible. Luckily, the combination of Nick Cave and Pulp is the former and not the latter. Back in 2002, Pulp released their last single before going away. It was called Bad Cover Version (and had one of the best music videos you will ever see). Because it was still 2002, and things like singles still mattered, the single was accompanied by b-sides. Given the theme of the song, it was very appropriate that the b-sides were singles. Since it was the last single Pulp would release, they were able to conjure up a few of their good friends for their take on Pulp’s popular songs.

First up was Roisin Murphy, who did a very Roisin Murphy version of the track Sorted, it was fairly average (Moloko, was quite average – let’s face it). It was the second track on the b-side that was fairly mind blowing. Nick Cave’s take on Disco 2000 (in my top 5 songs of all time, and the song that turned me into a music nut) was a completely original take on the song, eschewing the Laura Branigan rifts for simpler arrangements. The result was a lounge version of the track that further highlight the amazing melodies and story that made Disco 2000 such a great song.

Speaking of Nick Cave, he seems to have had a rebirth in the last six years. It just seems like more people know about him now then ever before. I remember when Nocturama came out in 2003, there wasn’t too much fanfare about it. However, with his new album Push The Sky Away set to arrive in late February, it seems like all the stars have aligned. Maybe it was his work with Grinderman, or doing soundtrack for Brad Pitt movies, whatever it is, everyone has now taken notice and his popularity is exponentially rising. The man has already sold out shows for most of his North American tour and anticipation is pretty high. I can’t wait for him to headline SXSW this year as well (speculation).

Anyways, listen to the first track off Push The Sky Away here after you listen to this cover.

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