Concert Review: The Helio Sequence, November 12, The Horseshoe

Monday night, November 12th.  It’s raining, cold and miserable.  My hatred for this weather is strong, my hatred for the TTC is even stronger. My love for The Helio Sequence however, trumps all. So, I pinned my hair back and put my toque on, looking like an egghead.  Then came the helmet over the toque, the spectacles as goggles to shield my eyes from becoming raccoon-esque, gloves, plastic bag for the seat, and off I went on my foot cycle. Ramona Falls opened, I just missed them. The Horseshoe was only a quarter full, the brave souls engaging in idle chatter awaiting Helio Sequence to take the stage. Helio Sequence are straight out of Portland, Oregon.  They understand temperamental weather, they also have a way of incorporating the seasons into their music, specifically autumn. Their heavy reverb invokes a feeling of nostalgia, heartbreak on a nippy autumn day, I even think of Portland, sunny, the bright red, orange and yellow hues of the leaves.

The Helio Sequence are merely a two piece, however, their sound fills the room as if seven of them are on stage. Partly due to technological help, partly because they have a full sound that carries you through. They hit the stage and opened with One More Time, the first track off of their sophomore album Negotiations.

The set list was a perfectly set mixture of old and new, the softer ballads bringing you down and making you sway and the faster, more well known hits getting a mini 4 person dance party started in front. Helio never missing a beat.  Seriously, the drummer was so fantastic that I kept watching this man, with his sticks a blur act as if they were an extension of his body. The audience was clearly on the same page as a guy shouted “you’re a robot!”  They are solely an intimate band, they fit well in smaller venues and create an experience where you’re surrounded and filled with their sound.  When they finished off (pre-encore) with Hallejulah, us zombies all picked up our “case of the Munday’s” feet and danced until we couldn’t dance anymore. Here’s hoping The Helio Sequence makes their way to Toronto again, sooner than the four years it took them to get here between these albums.

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