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It has been almost ten years since Zach Braff released his not really coming of age movie Garden State. The movie forever altered the lives of the people involved: The Shins were prominently featured and garnered worldwide attention and popularity, Natalie Portman found respect as an actress, eventually winning an Oscar and Zach Braff went on to make a similar, less successful version of Garden State a few years down the road. Okay, two out of three ain’t bad.

It seems like no matter what this New Mexico based band does, The Shins are forever in the shadow of that film and jokes about “bands that change your life”. It must be maddening. James Mercer even took time off to form a band with Danger Mouse (Broken Bells). I don’t really know where I’m going with this actually.

Anyways, round up the crew, the band is back. With Port of Morrow (released March 20, 2012), the Shins have come back with a solid album that will remind you why you fell in love with them in those early Internet years of the 2000s. Laugh, cry and run through a gamut of feelings as you listen to James Mercer’s tales of love lost and love found.

Luckily, you can endeavor on this extraordinary journey of emotions for free, as we have a few of their albums to give away.

To enter:
1. Follow us on the twitter and retweet this post
2. Email panic@panicmanual.com with the subject “the shins have changed my life”. Include mailing address.

Here’s a song that’s not New Slang

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