Jessica’s NXNE Round Up Part 1: Suuns, Slow Down Molasses, etc.

Now that North by Northeast 2011 is over, it’s time to reflect over the good, the bad and the sweaty. Here’s a recap of what I experienced over those four days.

I quickly figured out this time around (I’ve been attending NXNE three or four years now) that even if you make a schedule with who you plan on seeing, it can change for factors other than the music. I was originally going to see Pat Jordache – an experimental guy from Montreal whose album I’ve been digging lately – but I ran into many friends while picking up my media pass, knowing they’d be at the Rivoli that night, I decided I’d rather go see locals The Meligrove Band rock Ramones covers, which I was curious about anyway. It ended up being a really fun night in which I got to see a completely different side to a band.

Pat Jordache – Radio by snakesplusladders

I had come into this festival with the thought that I would take it easy on the weekdays. It wasn’t like I got trashed or stayed out till the wee hours of the morning, but I did end up seeing later sets I originally thought I wouldn’t make (man, I’m tame). So, on this night I indulged in a soothing early evening at the Music Gallery with gorgeous sets by Snowblink, Evening Hymns and Forest City Lovers, three Toronto bands I’ve wanted to see for some time and never have, and this was the perfect occasion.

Not ready to go home just yet, I trekked over to the Dakota to see Saskatoon’s indie rock collective Slow Down, Molasses. I ended up filming their entire set for them, so look out for a video of some sort from them soon. They played to a crowd that seemed mostly fresh to them, and I think they left with a good amount of new fans.

Feathers by Slow down, Molasses

After that, I rushed and miraculously made it to the Horseshoe with time to spare before one of my more recent favourite bands, Suuns, took the stage. This was my third time seeing them, but it was definitely the best. They unleashed a little more than usual, letting all that tense energy run the venue into a ragged, thrilling, black hole. I came home that night completely happy that I decided to stay out later than intended. This was probably my favourite night of the fest.

Suuns – Arena by The Drift Record Shop

Stay tuned for part 2!

Jessica is an occasional contributor to the Panic Manual. She also writes for her own blog – Roundletters and is a key founding member of Static Zine

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