NXNE Concert Review: Sheezer, Great Bloomers, June 17, Sneaky Dees

Toronto – I’m always perplexed by hot yoga. You go some place where it’s ridiculously hot and basically stretch for an hour. That sounds boring to me. For fans of hot yoga, might I suggest doing something similar – such as Sneaky Dees when it is packed and filled with good bands? You have an equally hot venue but instead of closing your eyes and humming, you are singing, dancing and jumping up and down to good music. What sounds better?

Following my three show stint at a sweaty Lees Palace, I made the ten minute trek down to Sneaky Dees where the temperature on the second floor was about forty degrees and smelled like a combination of beer, body odor and rock’n’roll. Most may find that smell foul, but for the musical festival enthusiast it’s a welcome scent. Maybe Calvin Klein can capture this essence and call it something lame like ‘pure’ and make millions of dollars off of it.

The Great Bloomers took the stage and delivered a solid set of tracks that sounded like 60s country mixed with Canadian indie rock music. I can’t say too much about their act as I was near the back of the stage and their music was often drowned out by the endless chatter that one would normally associate with social media mixers, minus the awkward “my twitter handle is ____” introductions. The dedicated and sweaty Can-Con enthusiasts at the front of the set enjoyed their set, so it was probably good.

Great Bloomers – This Ain’t You by wavelengthtoronto

The next and final act was the one I was here for. I’ve seen Sheezer twice now so I had a good idea what I was in for before the show. Sometimes you just want to end off the night on a great note and that is exactly what Sheezer delivered. Starting the set with the hit Buddy Holly, the girls took the already high energy level of Sneaky’s to another place. There was no chatter near the back as everyone at Sneaky’s moved on up to watch Sheezer play tracks off the first the Blue album and Pinkerton. Maybe there was just a really large contingent of Weezer fans in the crowd, but the sing-a-longs to classics like El Scorcho and Say It Ain’t So was so loud I could barely hear the vocals. A simply amazing night to end off a great nxne night. It’s a shame band member Laura Barrett moved to Vancouver, which probably means the groups seemingly frequent shows may now become a thing of the past. Come back to Toronto, we don’t riot after hockey games ( or cancelled Guns N Roses concerts).

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