Memories: Placebo – The Bitter End / SSX Tricky

Toronto – It’s been awhile since Placebo has done anything that I was enthusiastic about, but I still remember this track. Released as a single off their 2003 release Sleeping with Ghosts, it was a good rock song that moved along at a frenetic pace and featured Brian Molko’s distinct voice. For me however, this song will forever be associated with the EA Sports game SSX. I think SSX was one of those first games that really showed off the PS2 when it first came out. I was pretty obsessed with it, as it allowed you to do some crazy stuff while snowboarding down a gigantic mountain. Having snowboarded a few times in the Rockies myself, I know that I would have surely died if I tried any of those in real life. Funny how certain songs are associated with shows, some songs are associated with movies and now songs are associated with video games. Wonder how those artist feel about that.

Placebo – The Bitter End by altusv

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