Shows This Week: November 29th to Dec 5

Toronto – It will be hard for me to function this week, as our travels to England begin at the end of this week and let’s face it, the shows I’ll be watching next week will be ridiculously awesome. Still, the wise men always say “Live in the present, and await the future”. I just made that last quote up, but I consider myself wise, so it’s technically true.

Great Lake Swimmers

Silver Dollar, December 3

The tiny venue known as the Silver Dollar will be hot and heavy Friday night, as thousands of indie girls make the pilgrimage to the shady College/Spadina corner, descend the stairs that go down into the Silver Dollar, put their hands together and await anxiously as Tony Dekker, lead singer of folk rock outfit Great Lake Swimmers, slowly walks onto the stage and sings a song. After each song, Tony Dekker will then single out five girls, wave his fingers, and the girls will be escorted from the building. He will then sing another song, and then evict five more girls. This will repeat until there are two girls remaining, and after a especially moving version of Bodies and Minds, he will look at one of the girls with his panty removing eyes, gaze into her soul and present her with his guitar pick. They will then get married on the spot, simultaneously crushing the hearts of every female and homosexual CBC Radio 3 listener.

They might also just play a regular concert, I dunno.

Great Lake Swimmers – Awake by nettwerkmusicgroup


November 30, El Mocambo

I first heard about Stornoway from my friend Anne on her weekly radio show at Radio Laurier on Tuesdays at noon. She plays a lot of newer UK stuff, although she never plays anything I request. Actually, she played Faithless – Insomnia for me once, but I had actually wanted them to play the nine minute version instead of the radio friendlier but less good 4 minute version. I guess it’s a bit much to ask to play a nine minute song on a show thats only 120 minutes.

Stornoway is not a typical new UK band. With catchy, earthy melodies and a strip down folky/bluegrass type sound, they sound more like a band coming out of the Trinity Bellwoods group rather then one coming out of Arctic Monkey/Libertines land. With charming little songs, I suspect they can blow up quickly if the right crowd gets a hold of them. They play the El Mocambo on Tuesday and I would suggest you catch them now, as Mumford & Sons have proved, even the little folky bands can get really big, really quickly.

Here’s a youtube video.

Stornoway // I Saw You Blink by Mewbox

Have you ever noticed when I try to describe some sort of music, all I do is add a -ish or a -y to some word, and pass it off as a legitimate description? Lazyish, but effective.

Ra Ra Riot

December 1st, Mod Club

If you missed the free show they put on in late August, fear not, my Ra Ra Rioters, as the Syracuse NY indie pop band will once again grace the Mod Club with their presence. I think I would go again just to see female celloist Alexandra Lawn make love on stage to her instrument again. They’ll be in town to promote their new album, The Orchard

Ra Ra Riot – Boy by Arts & Crafts

Buke & Gass

Sneaky Dees, December 4th

It seems like this instrument making duo comes to town every month, but I’ve only heard great things about them, so I can say that if I wasn’t in England, I would definitely be at this show, and then afterwards, go downstairs for some serious nachos. Paul was seriously impressed at their show last time too, and really, why wouldn’t you want to see a band that have these never seen before instruments?

Buke & Gass – Medulla Oblongata by versiondure

Zeus and Brandon Flowers also play this week, but not on the same stage.

That’s all for now.

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  1. Joe

    “They might also just play a regular concert, I dunno.”

    This preview was pure gold.

  2. Sarah

    Tony is mine.

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