Remembering: Laura Branigan (1957-2004)

1x1.trans Remembering: Laura Branigan (1957 2004)

Toronto – I owe a lot to Laura Branigan. In fact, I could say without a shadow of a doubt, if Laura Branigan had never existed as a person, my life would be 100% different today. If you don’t know, Laura Branigan was a popular singer/songwriter in the early 80s. Her music was basically an early form of synth pop (called “disco”) and she had a few massive hits – Solitaire, Self Control and Gloria.

It was the last song, Gloria, that had the largest effect on me – by proxy. You see, there’s this little band from Sheffield, called Pulp. In 1995, they decided to sample the guitar riff from Gloria for their song Disco 2000. This song, ended up being a massive hit in England and somehow made it across the pond to the shores of Muchmusic, back when Muchmusic played music videos. One Saturday afternoon, I saw this video and instantly fell in love with the song and thus began the downward spiral into Britpop and indie music. Without this song, I would of stayed the path of a good ole Albertan boy, and you would have found me prowling the streets with a lame ass tribal tattoo on my right bicep, an Affliction t-shirt and a douchey Ed Hardy hat.

Sadly, Laura Branigan passed away on this day, August 26th in her home on Long Island in 2004, from a brain aneurysm. Still her lasting legacy will be some great disco songs and one converted indie kid, even if it’s by proxy.


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