#MusicMonday: VV Brown – Shark in the Water

Toronto – It’ SHARK WEEK on Discovery Channel. I love watching animal shows/documentaries, and Shark Week is no exception. Here are the top 10 shark attacks. I still remember one summer when I was in Hong Kong (maybe 94 or 98) where some of the beaches got hit with Shark attacks and then no one would go swimming. It’s rare for an entire city to be paralyzed by a few 10-25 feet fish. I guess it’s just nature’s revenge for all the sushi and sashimi we eat.

VV Brown is going to be a star. We’ve covered her many times before and I saw her twice at SXSW and almost saw her a third time in Toronto, until she decided to play an early show at the Wrongbar. Shark in the Water was a hit song off her debut album Travelling Like The Light. It’s probably metaphorical and not really about a shark in the water, but whatever. It’s a great pop song and contains elements of classic 60s doo wop. It even charted in the US. Check it out

VV Brown – Shark In Water by jonathan.cepeda

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  1. Wade

    annually, more people die from toasters than sharks. it’s a fact. every year.

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