Polaris Short List Predictions (via logic)

Toronto – Tomorrow, we will see the powers that be announce the Polaris Short List. There are some blogs out there floating out their predictions, and since I like to join the bandwagon of whatever’s popular these days , I will now come up with my very logical and not musical predictions for the short list.


I think he will make the shortlist, just so people working on solo projects can feel inspired knowing that they too can make the short list, and don’t need to know either Kevin Drew or Dan Bejar to succeed in Canada. The dude from Bahamas probably know Kevin Drew anyways.

Blue Rodeo

Classic “old hat” nomination. Much like the Oscars always nominate some 60-80 year old person every year, the Polaris will have one classic artist. Blue Radio is it. This listing will inspire contemporary 80s rock bands into creating new albums and discovering a new found audience. As I speak, Alannah Myles is recording the sequel to Black Velvet.

Broken Social Scene

Obvious nomination to reel in some mainstream media. Broken Social Scene is clearly one of the biggest bands on the Canadian music scene and including them in the nominations will make it more appealing for news media to mention this award (“in other news, Broken Social Scene was among 10 bands nominated for the Polaris award, blah blah Feist blah blah Feist”). Their new album, Forgiveness Rock Record is pretty good too, so that helps.


The sole electronica band involved. Caribou has a nice Canadian sounding name and will once again remind people that electronic music is up and running here in Canada. Holy Fuck could potentially take this spot, but I’m not sure Polaris wants to award two straight prizes to profanity ladened band names.

Crystal Castles

Only because it will result in a post on hipster runoff. If Crystal Castles is not nominated, don’t expect anyone living near queen street between Ossington and Dufferin to care about this award, and that’s a lot of people.

Fred Fortin

I think this guy is in Quebec, so it fulfills that portion of the population.

Dan Mangan

Polaris needs someone representing the West Coast. Typically, it’s the New Pornographers, but sometimes, the people behind the prize want to throw you a curveball.

Owen Pallett

Most Polaris prize votes probably like sticking it to the man, so why not give the prize to someone who had to change their band name because of a frickin corporation?


Shad is on fire. He’s everywhere. While K’Naan is off waving his flags over in Africa, Shad is scouring the streets and spitting his rhymes here in Canada. Obviously this nomination is to cover the hip hop and rap scene in our country.

You Say Party

Definite sentimental favorites, but don’t discount the fact that the album, XXXX was rather good.

There you have it, my fearless, logical/political based predictions for the Polaris. Tomorrow, we shall see.

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  1. Wade

    This is not my ‘who will be on the short list’ but rather a ‘who i think should be on the short list’ list.

    Hannah Georgas
    Plants And Animals
    You Say Party!
    South Rakkas Crew
    Broken Social Scene
    Yukon Blond
    Holy Fuck

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