Preview: Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival: APPROXIMATELY 3 PETERS

Approximately 3 Peters: Ian MacIntyre, Pete Hill and Peter Gal. Photo by Marcel St. Pierre

Sketch troupes pop up all over the place. What typically sets the good ones apart from the great ones is time. It takes time to find your voice, develop your characters, and to build a following. Approximately 3 Peters are certainly among the heavy hitters in the Toronto sketch scene. Pete, Peter and Ian have been making a name for themselves since 2005. You may recogonize Ian MacIntyre as one of the finalists on CBC’s reality TV show, Second City’s Next Comedy Legend. He didn’t win, but he came close. I asked Approximately 3 Peters some questions. They answered them. Enjoy:

How would you describe an Approximately 3 Peters show to somebody that doesn’t get out to see a lot of sketch comedy?
We celebrate the things that people geek out about – pop culture, politics, gadgets and toys. We try and poke fun at our obsessions. And hey, we’re cheaper than a movie and more fun than staying in.

Do you have sketch that you would consider an audience favourite? Do people ever request sketches at your shows like songs at a concert?
People ask for “Tiger Lily” from time to time – it’s about a hockey dad at a Dungeons & Dragons game. For a while, some folks kept using “Rock Harder” as a Peters catchphrase – we had a sketch about a grizzled out Brit rock band who cured poverty by “rocking harder” at a charity gig. Recently, folks seem to enjoy our sketch with two blind sword fighters.

You guys have a sketch called “Paul & Ringo” where the two argue over who should be the last surving Beatle. How did this sketch come about?
I (Ian) actually said to the guys in a rehearsal “wouldn’t it suck if Ringo was the last remaining Beatle”, and everyone really agreed. So we improvised a sketch out of it (note. This sketch was originally twice as long, and 60% less funny).

Who do you think should be the last surviving member of Approximately 3 Peters?
Ian: Peter G, because of his inhumanly vigorous metabolism.
Pete Hill: Probably Ian since he’s not named Peter.
Peter Gal: Peter Hill, because he drinks more, smokes, and is under more stress than Ian and I combined. (PH: It’s true, but I still love life.)

You can catch Approximately 3 Peters during the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival at:

Thursday, November 12th – 8PM
Theatre Passe Muraille

with Kathleen Phillips and Uncalled For

Friday, November 13th – 9PM
Comedy Bar

with Freelove Forum and Hot Thespian Action

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