Canadian Indy Compilation: NOVELS, Spring 2009


Photo credit: Lesley Marino, L-R, Graham Wright, Dean Marino, Will Currie, Luke Lalonde, Jay Sadlowski

(Toronto) On a snowy weekend in the middle of January, five of Canada’s top musicians and audio engineers locked themselves in a recording studio for 24 hours and vowed not to come out until they had recorded 5 new songs for an upcoming EP. Luckily before they welded the door shut I managed to sneak inside with my video camera tucked under my jacket to document the event.

Graham Wright (Tokyo Police Club), Luke Lalonde (Born Ruffinas), Will Currie (Will Currie and the Country French), Dean Marino (Tin Star Orphans, EX~PO) and Jay Sadlowski collaborated on each other’s songs during their 24 hours at Chemical Sound Recording Studio in Toronto.

The group got together on Saturday night to pitch two songs to each other, where one of the songs would be chosen to be recorded the next day. The five musicians then met back at Chemical the next morning and started the collaborative song writing and recording process.

There isn’t much news to report since everything being done is leading up to a spring release of the forthcoming EP. The group has only recently settled on an official name for the project; NOVELS. Work is being done on mastering the 5 recorded tracks, and a website and documentary (this is where I come in) of the entire event are in development. Stay tuned…

NOVELS media Contact: Marshall Angus: marshall (at)

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  1. Harper

    First NOVELS song ever performed in front of an audience:

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