Tweeview: Burning Hearts – Aboa Sleeping [2009, Shelflife]

burning hearts aboa sleeping

I’ve never thought of Finland as a country that produces good music, but I also never thought Obama would win, so shows how much I know. But in February that may all change as Burning Hearts may be the band that places the virtual push pin on the Google map of Scandinavian music.

Aboa Sleeping starts off with ‘I Lost My Colour Vision’, a track that sounds like generic Scandinavian pop the likes of The Legends or Honeydrips. But as you progress through the rest of the album you’ll notice that it is perhaps there to cleanse your hearing pallet to prepare you for the remaining 8 tracks, all of them unique in their own way but blend together beautifully thanks to the help of Jessika Rapo’s sweet calming vocals and Henry Ojala’s mix of synth-and-jangle melodies.

Finland’s indie pop scene may be largely untapped at the moment but thanks to bands like Burning Hearts, I’m sure twee fans are going to start taking notice.

Aboa Sleeping is out February 10th on Shelflife

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8 Responses to Tweeview: Burning Hearts – Aboa Sleeping [2009, Shelflife]

  1. Ricky

    Teemu Selanne is the only thing I know that Finland produced.

  2. Wade

    I work with a Fin. His name is Sam. He served 6 months in the Finnish army. I guess they have an army too.

  3. Brian

    I think Finland has a lot of metal bands. They like the thrash.

  4. George

    Where the hell have you been? Finland has tons of amazing indie rock music.

  5. Ricky

    we’ve been in canada.

  6. Vik

    @ George:

    well sir, feel free to use this comments section to list some of your favorite Finnish bands.

  7. Tom

    I think Children of Bodom are Finnish (apparently they are Janne Niinimaa’s favourite Finnish death metal band…Jason Robb bought their cd because of this).

  8. Moj

    Rubik, Wojciech, Cessna, Sister Flo, Cosmobile.. Everything that Fonal Recods has released. A quite kraut and weird Rättö & Lehtisalo, now out with an album with the legendary Kauko Röyhkä. More electronic but equally naivistic Regina and TV-Resistori. Swedish-Finnish Anna Järvinen (a beautiful album with members of Dungen). One of my all-time favourites, 22 Pistepirkko. Karkkiautomaatti and Liekki (especially the first records). From the postrock side of things, Oddarang. More grooving G-Litter, The Five Corners Quintet, great jazz, and Jimi Tenor, who’s nowadays playing afrobeat. And if you’d like something even weirder than Fonal, check out Lal Lal Lal records.

    There’s a couple of things that came to mind, I’m sure I omitted a lot of great groups. And you guessed it.. yes, I’m Finnish.

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