CD Review: Hot Lava – Lavalogy [2008, Bar/None Records]

hot lava
Hot Lava are a four piece of artists out of Virginia who make fun, poppy, geeky, graphically correct music with a lo-fi distortion funk. Their first full length release, Lavalogy, is coming out on Tuesday, October 7th on Bar/None.

Here are three stellar songs on Lavaology that deserve some attention. Lyrics and commentary provided by the beer loving, Hot Lava lush, front woman herself, Allison Apperson.

I’m out of breath but you keep my heart beating
I can’t believe all the things I am seeing
Cyan, magenta, yellow and then some black
All are the same because JPG, you’re so stacked

My last year in college I listened to a lot of CSS. They sent this drunken bulletin out on their MySpace one night raving about a “jpg in the sun.” It is the first Hot Lava song I was really proud of, the first one that wasn’t a joke I guess.


Written on a keyboard. Not about an Apple computer exploding, it’s just a metaphor, come on. We put together our first EP a couple years ago called “CTRL ALT HEAT,” we were really into computer lingo and drinking beer at the time. My friend Stephanie plays the tuba, she is a genius, she can play any instrument in the WORLD.

Okay, step back, can’t handle that I was a little blunt
But girl I can’t contain myself so let me see your….
At least I know about censorship I love you lots and lots
Girl, I’ll be your dirty pussy if you’ll be my lovely fox

This one is funny because it sounds so pretty but then you pay some more attention to the lyrics and it’s not as pretty as maybe you had thought. I was also just really happy to rhyme “goulashes” and “process.” You sure you don’t want to feature a more toned down song???

For those of you paying attention, we included APPLE+OPTION+FIRE on our podcast last week. Have a listen to JPG In The Sun below. These two songs speak for themselves.
Thanks Allison.

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