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Ahhh indie music genres, there’s no shortage of them these days. From post-punk to twee, every band out there seems to fit into their own specific music style. While researching the band in today’s Tweeview, I found perhaps the most fitting genre applied to a band. Welcome to the world of ‘laptop-pop’. Songs consisting of synth beats, electronic orchestras accompanied with a simple guitar pluck or strum. Perhaps the most popular band I can think of that uses this music production method would be The Radio Dept.

This is also perfect description for the kind of pop tunes Kuryakin creates and they’re not ashamed to admit it:

“Kuryakin is simply trying to make beautiful music. If they could they would have a symphonic orchestra backing them up on every song, but for now they have to be satisfied with all the sounds you can make with a computer.”

Despite my digging around the internets for a proper bio on these guys, the best I could find was a very short blurb about them on their website. Petter and Johan got together in University in 2002 and started recording music a year later. Their first song ‘Onie’ appeared on the fantastic Are You Scared To Get Happy? compilation released in 2005, with a subsequent demo simply titled ‘Birds’ consisting of 3 tracks. These days their music is put together by mailing samples and ideas to each other and then play together a few times a month, à la Postal Service.

Kuryakin will be releasing a combined EP and 7″titled ‘Still Here’ on Shelflife Records sometime this Spring. If you like to sway to sweet, simple songs that are perfect for to listen to on a rainy Sunday morning, pick up this album.

Thanks darksoy.

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