Morrissey Supports Obama (ama ama eh eh)

Toronto – Well, in an effort to gather support from the all important middle age ex-pats / shy inward awkward teenagers / err … indie kids demographic, Barack Obama has apparently garnered the support of one Stephen Patrick Morrissey. Check out his recent show where he wore this Obama-Morrissey shirt (source here):

Actually, my intro line to this post was gonna stereotype/make fun of morrissey fans, but then I realized I listen to The Smiths/Morrissey quite often so that would be rather ridiculous. Anyways, this is great publicity for both parties involve I guess, with Super Tuesday coming around the corner and also …wait for it… another compilation from the Moz. This greatest hits album is due out Feb 11 and includes:

First of the Gang to Die
In the Future When All’s Well
I Just Want to See the Boy Happy
Irish Blood, English Heart
You Have Killed Me
That’s How People Grow Up
Everyday Is Like Sunday
Redondo Beach
The Youngest Was the Most Loved
The Last of the Famous International Playboys
The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get
All You Need Is Me
Let Me Kiss You
I Have Forgiven Jesus

As you can see it has a lot more later material then people would like, although “You are the Quarry” was a pretty good album. Redondo Beach is pretty cool place I think, I went there when I was 8 or 9 and I had a decent time.

There is also a new song on the compilation (theres always..ALWAYS a new song on any greatest hits compilation). It’s called That’s How People Grow Up and it really sounded similar to You Have Killed Me, for some reason. Either way, this song I am posting accompanied the single. It’s the classic “The Boy With The Thorn On His Side” live from OMAHA NEBRASKA. For real, a post that starts with Obama and ends with Omaha. Thats some rhyme and rhythm, folks.

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  1. Scarlet Ibis

    I actually made that shirt for him. If anyone would like one, feel free to email me at chickeninatutu at yahoo dot com.

    I’m glad you decided not to make fun of us. :)

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