The Luyas (and Jessie Stein)

Jessie Stein

In the spirit of Pop Montreal – The Luyas

The Luyas are a three piece band from Montreal who use guitar, treated french horn, drums, keys, glocks, organs, wurlys, pianets and vocals to produce, as they put it, “audio chicken noodle soup for the soul”. Their first record, “Faker Death”, came out in August 2007. They have rolled in some pretty impressive company as they boast former/current members of Miracle Fortress, Bell Orchestre, Arcade Fire, and SS Cardiacs.

I heard of The Luyas via their lead singer, Jessie Steins’ former band, SS Cardiacs. Jessie has a squeaky, high pitched, almost child like voice that I am totally addicted to. I picked up the SS Cardiacs only release, “Fear The Love” a couple of years ago after hearing “Noo Noo (In a Foreign Dialect) on the CBC Podcast. This song kicks.

From what I have heard so far, I would have to say that I prefer the poppy, youthfulness of the SS Cardiacs, but The Luyas can’t go wrong with Jessie at the helm. Keep an ear out for Jessie Stein. She will melt you into soft putty and make you wish that you were 12 years old again.

The Luyas are playing Pop Montreal this week
Thurs, Oct 4, Club Lambi at 22:00
Fri, Oct 5, at O Patro Vys at 21:00.

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  1. Vik

    are the glocks 9mm lugers or .45 specials?

  2. Ricky

    i think tommy guns would make a good sound.

  3. glittergab

    i find her voice so super annoying, i have no idea how shes a singer.

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